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Choosing the Right ISP is Critical for SD-WAN Success

SD-WAN, the new darling of network architectures is making waves by solving challenges for WAN Mangers while cutting operational costs. This is especially true amongst enterprise organizations with multiple locations and escalating bandwidth appetites necessary for supporting cloud-based applications, shared business tools, and massive online storage. For many there’s only one choice that makes sense; move away from the hub configuration of MPLS and adopt intelligent software defined solutions.

An ISP Speaks Out: The Accel Net Stance on Net Neutrality






For years the FCC governed Net Neutrality regulations that protected businesses and consumers from having Internet speeds and website access controlled by their ISPs. With those regulations came the expectation that we, as consumers, can automatically and freely communicate online over open networks. 

Myth Buster: What Business Class Fixed Wireless Internet Isn’t

In and around Seattle the choices for fast, reliable, business class Internet are slim. Sure, we have an array of ISP options other than the phone and cable companies but many of them are simply reselling the “big box” carriers’ cable and fiber solutions. So, where do you go when you need true redundancy or you simply want another Internet option?