We deliver ethernet over wireless (EOW) – a true alternative to ethernet and fiberline. Accel Net owns and controls every aspect of our network, but leverages relationships with multiple providers to


Do you have 2, 3, 4 or more offices or warehouses? Are you paying for data and voice services to each one? If so, then you are spending too much every month and receiving too little.


Simple native Ethernet hand off makes it easy to configure for failover, load-balancing, and BGP. If you are concerned about your current landline services failing due to a wayward backhoe,


Multi-Tenant Office Buildings There is no denying the fact that unless your building was built in the last ten years, the internal infrastructure is probably not set up to handle the load today’s


Voice Over IP Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a popular choice for businesses who wish to have the latest voice technology. VOIP is a perfect alternative to landline-based phone applications.


Month-to-Month or Temporary Internet Connectivity Ideal solution for high-speed Internet at construction job sites, conferences, landline outage, temporary office space etc. We can provide service in

24 Hour NOC

Accel Net has spent the last 13 years refining its alarm and notifications systems so our technicians can respond quickly to issues. We back our services with a 24-hour NOC and an industry leading 99.999% SLA. Accel Net does

Need Help?

Accel Net supports and monitors its network facilities up to the Customer Demarcation point 24 hours per day. Accel Net Technical Support is available toll-free 24 hours per day. A Customer Ticket is opened when Accel Net detects a Customer service issue or the Customer reports trouble to Accel Net Tech Support.