Thank you, AccelNet!

AccelNet came through for us when it counted. Clipper has been using AccelNet for backup internet for 2.5 years.

When our primary internet connection went down and it looked like it might not be back up for days, I contacted them about increasing the speed temporarily. Our business is seasonal and we were still in peak. The internet connection supports an e-commerce website, a café, a call center, and two terminals.

It was after 10PM; by that point, our company had been driving the investigation with the primary ISP for six hours. Dave got back to me very quickly with the confirmation from Dan that they could accommodate this request and that there would no additional charge. He and his team made my night, and continued to work closely with me to ensure the increased speed.

The next morning, all of the staff I asked reported no issues whatsoever (even though we were on the backup internet connection). The investigation continued and when it looked like it might be even more days before resolution, I contacted Dave again, and again Dave got back to me quickly with an extension from Dan on the temporary speed increase. Fortunately, the issue was resolved before then, 22 hours after it started. Without AccelNet, that would have been a catastrophic failure and all of our business operations would have ceased for two days. Because of AccelNet’s level of service, our company only experienced minimal impact to its business.

I was impressed by AccelNet’s gracious support during an emergency afterhours and during business hours, their flexibility with solutions to keep our business running, and their friendly and helpful attitudes even in the middle of the night. I have worked closely with many larger ISPs and telecoms over the years and I am confident that none of them would have been able to provide this level of support, let alone this quickly and easily. With other carriers, I would have been directed to try one or more of several support phone numbers, greeted in each case by an auto-attendant menu, and handed off from team to team before I would be told either that the request for a temporary solution could not be accommodated at all or that a temporary solution would take considerable time and money to authorize, let alone accommodate, even in an emergency. With AccelNet, I got through promptly to a real person that could help me and they got back to me with a solution, approval, and implementation quickly.

I have never been this grateful that AccelNet provides Clipper’s backup internet.

Thank you, AccelNet!

Katherine Davey
Clipper, Senior IT Manager